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Looking for an Affordable Waterbury CT House Painting Company?

Marinho LLC has been ruling the markets with its exceptional customer base and top-quality services in Waterbury, CT. We stand strong as premium Waterbury, CT House Painting Company with a wide range of services in the house painting and home improvement quarter.

Located in Naugatuck, CT, Marinho LLC has strong aspirations for proving to be outstanding in work ethic and marking strong professional bonds with their customers. Over the course of 20 years, Marinho LLC has successfully come true upon this testimony.

Our services come with a 1-year worry-free guarantee. We use the best tools and equipment for your Waterbury, CT House Painting projects. Not to forget the paint quality is especially determined to be durable and long-lasting.  The main aim is to improve the look and feel of your home.

We are happy to announce our house painting process in Waterbury, CT. In three simple steps, you can get started with your house painting projects.

Step #1 Schedule a Free Estimate

Marinho LLC provides its customers with a no-obligation, free estimate, and evaluation of their house painting projects in Waterbury, CT. You can schedule your’s today by calling us on our toll-free number (203) 267-0336.

Step #2 Get an Affordable Offer

Once we have keenly observed what your needs are we evaluate the material and service cost based on that. We then give you an affordable offer for your project. In the general run of things, our offers usually lie in between $1000 to $3000.

Step#3 Work Starts

Right after the agreement document has been signed, work starts on your property. Although it takes our services a  while to complete, to give you a rough time estimate look into the following figures:

  • Interior Painting (small room) – 4 hours
  • Exterior Painting – 3 days
  • Pressure Washing – 3 hours

Here it must be noted that we often perform a pressure wash before exterior painting. This removes any grime and dirt on the exterior.

Marinho LLC Services in Waterbury CT

Other services Marinho LLC provides in Waterbury CT are:

  • Interior painting – Paint a worn out interior of the house with fresh, durable and vibrant paints.
  • Exterior painting – Pressure wash the exterior and layer with a new coat of seamlessly finished paint on the exterior of your house.
  • Drywall installation – Our drywall experts, having strong knowledge and background in the field, perform the drywall installation task with great mastery.
  • Deck’s & other building  – The decks in your home are usually worn out because of extreme weather or over the course of time. Marinho LLC provides with the maintenance and renewal of decks and other building parts as part of its services in Waterbury, CT.
  • Epoxy floors installation – Give your floors a layer of protection that comes out as extremely appealing and attractive on the surface.
  • Roof cleaning– Roofs tend to wear out before time due to accumulated dust on it. Contact Marinho LLC today to get the job done and save your roofs in time.
  • Pressure washing services – A recommended step before applying paint. Especially if you are trying to paint the exterior of the house. This dissolves any dust and grime residing on the exterior. As a result, the paint comes off as neat and tidy in the end.

Ready to Start Your Painting Project in Waterbury CT?

Start be contacting Marinho LLC and receive a free no obligation estimate for your house painting project in Waterbury, CT. Your dream home is just a call away.