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Prospect CT House Painting

Affordable Prospect CT House Painting Contractor

Are looking for a Prospect CT house painting company that doesn’t break your bank? Marinho LLC is Prospect’s premier house painting company with over 2 decades of experience and professionals who have mastered the art of efficient painting.

Located in Naugatuck, CT, Marinho LLC continues to shine brightly in nearby areas and strives to serve the residents and homeowners of Prospect, CT too.

Our House Painting Process in Prospect CT

Home is the epicenter of peace and tranquility. Therefore we take special care and work out our best techniques to provide our customers with nothing less than the best.  Our Prospect CT house painting process is simple and easy to follow.

House Painting Process

Estimate – Marinho LLC gives its customers a free estimate for their house painting in Prospect, CT. You can schedule one for yourself by calling us on our toll-free number  (203) 267-0336  or by contacting via email

Offer – We give you an affordable offer after closely observing your requirements and considering the material which will be utilized for the job. In a general run of things, our prices range from $1000 to $3000 for house painting projects.

Work – Work starts as soon as a deal is finalized. We take special care of your property while the work is in the process, considering it like our own.

Our Services

Marinho LLC provides the following services for homeowners in Prospect, CT.

All of our services come with a 1-year worry-free warranty.

Interior Painting in Prospect, CT

Interior painting after few years is a good idea. It can greatly improve your living atmosphere and breathe in a new life in the interior of your house. Although it may sound easy, doing it on your own can cause problems like uneven coats, unfilled cracks, blemished and blight finishing.

It is, therefore, a wise decision not to do take up the task of your house painting on your own because it can become more expensive instead of saving you time, effort and money. It is always beneficial to have some professional to do the job.

Contact Marinho LLC today to request a free quote for your home’s interior painting in Prospect, CT.

Estimated Job Time Calculation  – 4 hours (small room)


Exterior Painting in Prospect, CT

The exterior of your house is more prone to premature wear outs due to harsh weather conditions. Houses that have not been painted for long also become victim to poor looking exteriors.

A weather-resistant sheet or paint can save the exterior or your house for a good many years. Good quality paint is not only durable but also augments your home’s curb appeal.

Estimated Job Time Calculation – 3 days

It must be noted here that the exterior painting process usually requires a pressure wash for the paint to settle evenly on the surface being painted.


Pressure Washing in Prospect, CT

Pressure washing process is recommended prior to adding any paint or primer to your house. It helps to remove any dirt and mold on the surface that needs painting.

Not many of us have much time in our busy schedules and so we can not take up scrubbing and cleaning the house. It’s time-consuming and needs a lot of effort. An alternative to that is pressure washing which will do the cleaning for you.

Also, you get rid of painting your exterior after every few months to make your house look beautiful and attractive.

Estimated Job Time Calculation  – 4 hours


Are you ready to get your Prospect CT House Painting project started?

Get your dream home painted today. We also deal with painting offices and other commercial painting projects. Request a free quote today by contacting Marinho LLC.

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