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Premium New Haven CT House Painting Contractors

Are you looking for a New Haven, CT House Painting Contractor and don’t know where to start? Marinho LLC is a leading player in house painting services in New Haven, CT specializing in inside-out house painting services. With professionals who have an eye for detail, Marinho LLC has been competing in the market for over 20 years.

Whether it’s interior painting or exterior, we have got you covered. Marinho LLC has proudly been serving as a premium New Haven, CT House Painting Company with an ever-growing number of extremely satisfied customers.

New Haven CT House Painting Process

Our painting process is simple and aims to target your exact needs. We go for the premium quality products all the while being affordable and economical. Exemplifying the best work ethic and with a focus on customer satisfaction, Marinho LLC follows a basic set of steps to get you started.

Get a free estimate – Marinho LLC gives you a no obligation, free estimate in New Haven, CT. Our team of professionals will scrutinize your property and based on the current market trends and buys, will give you an estimate for your house painting project in New Haven.  You can schedule your free estimate with us by calling on our toll-free number (203) 267-0336. We’ll decide on the most suitable time to come visit your home to get things started.

Get an economical offer – Marinho LLC aims to give its customers the best in a very affordable and economical offer that isn’t heavy on the pockets.  Generally, as per our experience, the cost resides between $1000 to $3000 for house painting projects. This can vary based on certain factors like how you want the paint done.

Let the work commence – Once you accept the offer work officially begins on your property. Marinho LLC takes care of your home like it’s their own. All you need is a little patience to see the stellar results of our skillful team in New Haven, CT.

Job Time Estimate Calculation

Our services usually take some time. To give you a rough idea here are some figures against the most popular services:

Pressure wash – 4 hours

Interior painting – 4 hours (small room)

Exterior painting* – 3 days

*We begin the exterior painting process by power washing your home. It is likely that there is dirt or grime on the exterior which needs to be removed for a fine finishing of the paint.

Marinho LLC Services in New Haven CT

Although Marinho LLC primarily serves in House Painting contracts in New Haven, CT, we also provide the residents of the locality with the following services:

Interior House Painting – You live with the interior of the house. A lifeless and worn out interior isn’t doing justice to your home. When you live in a home full of life and vibrant colors, you carry it with you wherever you go. Contact Marinho LLC, your New Haven CT House Painting experts today and get the home of your dreams.

Exterior House Painting – The exterior of your house is the first impression you leave on the world and on yourself. If your exterior has become home to dust and grime contact us today and we’ll fix that for you.

Pressure Washing –  Pressure wash is recommended before going for new paint coat. This removes any stains, dirt, and grime on your house. We respect your time and busy schedules and therefore complete the pressure wash process in a record 4 hours time.

Roof Cleaning – For many of us, our busy schedules don’t allow us time for many tasks at home. Roof cleaning is one of them. Over time the roof starts accumulating dirt and wears out before time. In order to avoid that contact us today for roof cleaning services.

Drywall Installation – Drywall installation requires a sound knowledge of the subject and proper expertise to get the job done right. When you give the task in the hands of Marinho LLC professionals, you never have to worry for we are great at what we do.

Epoxy Flooring – Epoxy flooring has gained immense popularity over the course of time. It is an intelligent way of protecting your floor all the while beautifying it to give your home a pleasant ambiance.

Get a Free Estimate Today – Contact Marinho LLC

So are you ready to get started painting your house in New Haven, CT? Contact Marinho LLC today and get a free estimate. We give our customers a 1-year worry-free warranty and use paints that are durable and cost-efficient. Get in touch so that we can visit your home and let you know how you can breathe in new life to it.