Frequently Asked Questions

As professional painters and cleaners, we are often asked these questions by our customers. We figured we would put it into one place so you can see if your question has been answered before:

How does your process work:

After you schedule a free estimate, we will contact you to schedule a time to come see the project. Once we see the project our staff can price you and give you a timeline of the job’s completion.

What are your average house painting costs:

It is a hard question to answer. Your best bet is to schedule an estimate, the only reason we say this is because we have jobs ranging from $300 - $15,000. We price based on the space we’re painting. But we will not do handyman work, just painting projects.

How long does it take for my house to be painted:

As soon as you make 50% payment for the project, Marinho LLC starts working. Most of our homes take somewhere between 1-3 weeks for job completion. For very large homes, gated communities and such, our turn around time can be upwards of 2 months. Contact us today to see how much your project would be.

How do you collect payments:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks. We prefer checks, but we can take pretty much anything.

What locations will you come out to:

We service the whole New Haven county. Please call us to see if we can make it to your location. Many times, we will come out, it depends on the project size.

Do you work with commercial companies? 

Yes, we have done excellent work for companies with our painting service. For our cleaning services, we mainly work with automotive dealerships as a janitorial service. We do this because we understand the importance of a clean car dealership. We also clean larger offices and smaller offices in professional corporate parks as well as a stand-alone firm. Our cleaning staff can handle any commercial cleaning project.