DryWall & Taping

Drywall & Taping Services 

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About Drywall & Taping 

Drywall is otherwise known as sheetrock, rock, and wallboard. Installing drywall can be quite tricky if you don’t have basic knowledge about it. Some people prefer to install the drywall themselves and call up the professionals for the taping work. There are numerous installers. Whether you need a pro for the installation or are doing the whole installation process yourself, you need to know the fundamentals of installing drywall.

While deciding upon how much require, compute the total square footage of walls and ceilings that need installation. Usually, drywall sheets come in 4’x8′. There are bigger drywalls as well, like 4’x12′, though it becomes harder to handle them. If you have the extra help and 4’x12′ can help cover more ground then go for it.

Materials required for drywall & taping

The general equipment required for the process of taping are:

• 12-inch trowel

• Roll of paper tape

• Setting compounds

• Six-inch flexible putty knife

• Four-inch flexible putty knife

Sanding, Priming, and Finishing: Understand the thickness of the drywall. They come in 1/4″ – 5/8″ thickness. �” are the most popular ones and ¼” are used as an overlay for existing drywall. Check local building codes for requirements.

Green rock is a type of material which suitable for moisture ridden areas – the garage and bathroom. Though installing green rock throughout the house can turn out messy.

Before Replacing Your Drywall

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