Professional Auto Dealership Cleaning Company

Most Local & Affordable Car Dealership Cleaning Service 

Looking for a professional auto dealership cleaning service? Contact Marinho LLC today to receive costs involved with hiring a janitorial cleaning service for your dealership. Marinho LLC is a small business located in Naugatuck, CT with years of experience when it comes to residential cleaning, and commercial cleaning.

We use top of the line products and have an extremely fast turnaround time. We're flexible with our clients in the times that we come in and clean simply because we understand how important it is to have a clean showroom and space. Your salesman needs to feel confident when showing a client their future vehicle.

Your customers don't want to see dirty cups left over from the other night, and when they are looking to buy a car from an auto dealership they expect it to be crystal clear. Nothing is worse than getting a bad review because of a dirty workspace. Hire us today and click here to see why our customers trust us with their businesses and their homes.

What Are The Average Costs For Car Dealership Cleaning Service 

Now before you contact us, you may be wondering - how much does it cost to have a car dealership cleaning service? It's a good question, but it is very hard to answer. We have commercial clients that have much larger dealerships such as local Lexus's, Toyota's, Mitsubishi's etc, and we have some small local business auto dealerships, that are much smaller in terms of size.

Your best bet is to call us or fill out the form so that we can give you pricing. We would just schedule an estimate with you and come to the dealership to have a better look at what you've got going on. Many times, the cost of the car dealership cleaning service can come down to time and square footage. If your dealership is on the larger spectrum, you may find costs at $50 per hour.

This is a much cheaper alternative to hiring someone on payroll to do such a task. After paying someone on the payroll for benefits, payroll tax, insurance, and the time it takes to manage them, you lose more. Hiring a service like an auto dealership maid will really free up staff's time to focus on the more important thing, selling. No longer does your automotive dealership have to worry about trash removal, or things like sweeping the floor.

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Ready to get started on cleaning your auto dealership? You can request an estimate by clicking on this link now. When you fill out the estimate, we will analyze the information, call you, and schedule a time to come look at the auto dealership.

Marinho LLC is a proud family business born in 2001. After a young couple decided to skip the traditional route of college, the two joined forces and started offering homeowner services such as interior painting, exterior painting, house cleaning services, and much more - they quickly fell in love with entrepreneurship and became well-known painting & cleaning contractors. Today we service over one hundred clients per year and love each and every moment of it.